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Nylon hose or PA hose, nickname Nylon tube.

Is a kind of synthetic fiber, has good physical and chemical and mechanical properties, wear resistance, can be used under the condition of a sand, iron;Smooth surface, reduce the resistance, can prevent rust and scale deposition;Soft, flexible, easy to install, simple processing.With rigid again at the same time, when you need a certain shape, can be made into various shapes, like a metal tube and does not require complicated equipment and tooling;Can a lot of chemical corrosion;Dimension stability, small permeability;Resistance is great, can be used as an insulator;A long service life, and even decades;Good temperature tolerance, can be in work - 40-100 ° C environment.

Nylon has many characteristics, therefore, in the automobile, electrical equipment, the mechanical structure, transportation equipment, textile, paper making machinery, etc widely used.As the miniaturization of automotive, electrical and electronic devices of high-performance, lightweight to speed up the process of mechanical equipment, the demand for nylon will be more higher.Nylon as structural material, especially on its strength, heat resistance, cold resistance, etc, high demands are put forward.

The intrinsic defects of nylon is also a important factor of restricting its application, especially for PA6, PA66, two varieties, and PA46, PAl2 varieties than has a strong price advantage, although some performance cannot meet the demands of the development of related industries.Must, therefore, for a particular application domain, through modification, improve its some properties, to enlarge its application field.Because of the characteristic of the PA strong polarity, hygroscopicity strong, dimension stability is poor, but can be modified to improve.

Nylon tube is using different type of nylon material extrusion of various specifications for pipes and caprolactam materials pouring shape hard thick wall nylon tube.

Nylon tube is the most suitable for: compressed air system, lubricating system, combustible oil fluid pipe, hydraulic pipe, chemical fluid, food fluid Light the goods quality, resistant to moisture, resistant to salt water, good aging resistance, resistance to sun light exposure, 10 nylon tube is generally used in hydrocarbons, aromatic, aliphatic solvents, oil, fuel and refrigerant, not resistant to strong acid, strong alkali, phenols, etc.;40 degrees commonly used transmission fluid: carbonated sodas, carbonated water, 40 degrees - 20 ~ 40 degrees of alcohol, distilled water, sea water, oil, etc.

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