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Layflat hose connection

Irrigation, drip irrigation systems, aquaculture production, a variety of liquid transport and other areas need to use layflat hose, and the existence of the interface is necessary, it is essential for long-distance use of layflat hose, and play products and pumps and agricultural bolt Connection, specifically how to connect it?

Some of the Lay flat hose with the interface, we must pay attention to when buying, buying a different interface with the lay flat hose cannot connect, Slot sound, so as to ensure a reliable connection, and if the connection button within the button, you should deduct the claw into the chute and then clockwise twist in place. When connecting the agricultural water belt, it is necessary to straighten the water belt to prevent the agricultural water belt from twisting and leaving the interface to disengage itself.

Good connection method is to ensure the normal use of water with the key

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