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PVC layflat hose use considerations

1. PVC layflat hose with a water jacket in the interface, the mat to be a layer of soft protection, and then galvanized iron wire or hose clamps tie.

2. When using PVC layflat hose, should be high-pressure water with a pump from the place close to the water after the water belt should be to prevent reverse or sudden bending, and should prevent damage to the water belt interface collision.

3. PVC layflat hose with water is strictly prohibited on the ground after the forced drag, you need to change the position to move as much as possible to reduce the water belt and the ground wear and tear.

4. When laying hose, it is necessary to avoid sharp objects and a variety of oil, to the vertical height of the laying of water, the use of water to hook; through the traffic thoroughfare laying of water, should be padded with water retaining bridge; , With water from the track below should be avoided by the wheel of water is damaged.

5. In the winter season, when the PVC layflat hose supply needs to be suspended in the fire, the water pump needs to run slowly to keep the water out of the water.

6. To prevent the direct role of flame and radiant heat, with particular attention not to make PVC layflat hose with hot objects in contact.

7. PVC layflat hose should be avoided with oil, acid, alkali and other corrosive chemicals in contact. ; Once contaminated, to immediately wash and dry.

8. Layflat hose after use, to clean, the conveyor belt of water, you must carefully wash. In order to remove the oil on the water can be washed with warm water or soap, frozen water, the first to use the melt, and then clean dry, not dry with water storage should not be rolled. Dry water should be promptly charged, forbidden for a long time exposure and rain.

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